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Most musicians and producers don’t start their musical journey in the midst of a warzone but that is the story of CLAS51FIED  (Jimmy Ouwens)

School was not a perfect fit for Jimmy so the best option he had was to join the army. That was the best choice he ever made even though being sent to Afghanistan the army has taught him valuable life lessons. In the spare time he would have during deployment in 2008 he would be working on music 24/7 because he knew from there on that this was his life calling.

After redeployment It did not take long for him to experiment with marching bands and  military orchestra’s working on different musical projects.

Currently he is working professionally as a music producer and composer creating corporate music and audio recordings for ads and TV he. Because of this he has developed an excellent skill in studio recording, mixing and even mastering music. He often works with session musicians for detailed recordings.

He uses the piano as his main composition tool and from there creating melody and harmony.  All this adds up to the balanced organic sound you hear when you listened to his music.


He is  influenced by artists like Claptone, Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner, Deadmau5, The Magician, Joris Voorn, Eelke Klein, Camelphat, and a very diverse range of Classical and orchestral music. He has a clear visualisation of how CLAS51FIED has to sound and has started to translate this into reality. His artistic and musical purpose is to  bring something new and contemporary to the table and working with other talented musicians, singer songwriters and instrumentalists

Expect  a strong electronic foundation with well balanced harmonics, melody and vocals. 





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